Laxapet is an effective dog & cat laxative gel for treating constipation in dogs and cats. It’s also a fantastic product to help prevent & treat hairballs in cats. Being a malt based gel with fish oil, most dogs and cats love the taste, making it super-easy to dose. Simply squeeze it directly from the tube on to your pets tongue or mix it in their food.

Should your pet’s symptoms not improve, take them to the vet.

Dosage & Directions

Cats: 2.5 to 5 g per day for two to three days, then 1 to 2.5 g three times weekly. (2.5 g is about 6.5 ml squeezed out)

Squeeze Laxapet directly onto your cat’s nose, tongue, or front paw to be licked off.

Dogs: 5 to 10 g per day for two to three days, then 2 to 5 g three times weekly (5 g is about 13 ml squeezed out)

Squeeze directly into your dog’s mouth or mix in food at mealtime.


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